SKUNKFILMS founder Jeffrey Pohorski directed and edited projects for PBS, World Vision and Habitat for Humanity. He also served as a director of photography for The History Channel, A&E, Fox Television, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, motion pictures and music videos. SKUNKFILMS has garnered nine Telly Awards.

A graduate of San Jose State University, Jeffrey first worked as a photojournalist, crafting photo essays for newspapers and magazines. To reach a broader audience, Jeffrey began shooting documentaries and dramas. At Vancouver Film School he learned film industry skills and developed a network in dramatic films.  In 1997, Jeffrey launched SKUNKFILMS.

NATALIE POHORSKI – Producer/Director
Natalie has been making films since a very young age. She has produced everything from short films, to interstitial pieces, TV series, promo, documentaries – you get the idea. She currently works full-time as a Production Manager at Creative Kingdoms, an interactive game company in Madison, WI.

JUSTINE POHORSKI – Graphic Designer

SKUNKFILMS produces it’s own projects and assists other production companies. We offer clients award-winning skills and experiences in producing, writing, directing, editing and shooting documentaries, dramas, corporate and commercial projects.

SKUNKFILMS goal is to produce stories that need to be told but can’t because of limited money or imagination. SKUNKFILMS  always brings the best out of each story that we dig up and communicating it to others. We proudly offer unique production values and skills.

Jeffrey Pohorski
Chicago, Vancouver, Europe, Middle East

Natalie Pohorski
Chicago, Los Angeles

Justine Pohorski

Susan Pohorski

Editing Software
Adobe Premiere Pro, FinalCut Pro, AVID