A woman tries to sell the baseball field
she inherited from her parents,
but the team isn’t ready to let her,
or field, go… Trailer


GOLDEN CITY – Jack London
“The greatest story Jack London ever wrote, was the story he lived.”
– Alfred Kazin

In the early part of the 20th century, novelist Jack London’s popularity was worldwide. But in 1897, at age 21, Jack’s dreams of becoming a successful writer seem laughable. Unemployed and penniless, Jack travels to the “Golden City” of Dawson, Alaska in hopes of striking it rich. He soon finds himself facing a ruthless enemy and brutal conditions that will test the very depth of his character. Trailer

Wrestling for Jesus
Timothy Blackmon from rural South Carolina tries to
find solace from the demons of his past by starting an amateur Christian wrestling league. His goal is to use wrestling to evangelize his neighbors. However his
passion and vision for his ministry are tested when
his personal life begins to disintegrate. Trailer


This story takes place in a maximum security prison. (Photo by Matt Kirk)   6 minutes


Karen Drydyk wrote a poem in response to a spree of hate crimes on campus that she originally performed at a rally that unified college students.
3 minutes


THE NEW ENVIRONMENTALISTSAn image of a rice field in Thailand
In Northern Thailand, two men help marginalized hill and forest dwellers grow food and preserve
their environment.  7 minutes


The Higher Calling creates an online community by actively listening and educating people about areas of life. This 60 second video is about how work matters.
1 Minute


FIELDWORK ON WHEELSStudents in wheelchairs exploring Yellowstone National Park
Three science students in wheelchairs
participate in a field study program in Yellowstone
National Park for the first time.
7 minutes


WAR of 1812Frame grab of Andrew Jackson in "War of 1812"
The War of 1812 was the second major battle for independence from Britain and inspired our
national anthem. This is the story of the making
of History Channel’s War of 1812.  30 minutes


For decades environmentalists of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) battled with farmers over regulations for land and chemical-use to ease pollution of the Chesapeake Bay. This video chronicles Susan Drake Emmerich’s faith-based stewardship approach that began with the conflict between Tangier watermen and environmentalists over blue crab fishery regulations. Susan and the watermen’s success spread to farm land and chemical-use practices in southern Pennsylvania. The farmers, like the watermen, found hope and healing for their conflict with environmentalists by embracing and applying their faith to stewardship of the land and to loving their neighbors.  Trailer

The Wonder of Creation: SoilTHE WONDER OF CREATION: SOIL
You’ve stepped in it, swept it off your floors, and enjoyed eating delicious, life-sustaining food that grew from it. So what is it? Some call it dirt, but to a farmer it’s soil. It’s the stuff that sustains all life on earth, yet it’s so common that we can easily forget how precious it is. It’s so rare in the universe that we often overlook its significance to our planet. Take a closer look and you’ll be surprised to discover how very complex soil is.   3-Part Series

The Gift of Pain: Drs. Paul & Margaret BrandTHE GIFT OF PAIN: Paul & Margaret Brand
Do you ever wonder about the purpose of pain? Gain fresh insight as you follow the lives of doctors Paul and Margaret Brand and their pioneering work with lepers in India. Their research has led to a whole new understanding of the important role pain plays in our lives, seeing it as a gift, a sensory warning to the body and soul. Armed with their new found knowledge, the Brands developed innovative medical techniques that allowed those afflicted with leprosy to function in society. 3-Part Series

Africa and The Bible: White Man's Religion?AFRICA AND THE BIBLE: White Man’s Religion?
Are all races created equal in the eyes of God? Down through the ages, certain people have viewed those with darker skin as somehow less human—using skin color as an excuse to enslave and marginalize people. Does God judge us by the color of our skin? Do people of color have any part in the heritage of Christianity, or should they be looking somewhere else for their faith? Join host Wintley Phipps as he follows the “rivers of faith” and uncovers the truth about Africa and the Bible.

A one-hour dramatic television series based on an urban church that sends out compassionate but sometimes hurting members to handle the tough cases. In the pilot episode, Struggles, teams of two help with homelessness, rage, sexuality issues and their own demons.  Scripts & Trailer.