In the CanSKUNKFILMS has worked on documentaries, commercials, dramas, and other genres.

Here are a few of the completed projects we’ve participated in.

Producer, Director or Editor – Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro, and AVID

“Our Daily Bread Series“                                       Day of Discovery
Kosovo – The Nadine Henessey Story                  Day of Discovery
“The Wonder of the Wilderness”                            Day of Discovery
“Wrestling for Jesus”                                             Skunkfilms, Inc.
“The Wonder of Soil”                                             Day of Discovery
“The Gift of Pain”                                                   Day of Discovery
“Web of Life”                                                         UW-Madison
“Hurricane Floyd”                                                  Discovery Channel
“Alien Virus”                                                          National Geographic
“Underground Railroad”                                        History Alive!
“Reconciliation Walk”                                             Crown Video (Israel)
“Green Bay Packers”                                             Won by One
“Between Heaven and Earth”                                PBS
“World View”                                                        World Vision Int’l
“Jack London–Golden City”                                Skunkfilms/Snowflake
“Common Saints”                                                Hallmark

Director of Photography – HD and Film Formats

“Kosovo – The Nadine Henessey Story”               Day of Discovery
“Guatemalan Gangs”                                           The Lausanne Convention
“The New Environmentalists”                               The Lausanne Convention
“Neighbors – Nigeria”                                           The Lausanne Convention
“The Wonder of Soil”                                           Day of Discovery
“The Galveston Flood of 1900”                            Discovery Channel
“Origins of the African Church”                            Day of Discovery
“War of 1812”                                                     History Channel
“Wrestling for Jesus”                                           Fourthline Films
“Island Foxes”                                                     National Geographic Series
“Mt. St. Helens”                                                  Discovery Channel Series
“A Global Village”                                                Habitat for Humanity (Poland)
“Free to Murder Again”                                       American Justice, A&E
“The Big Picture Tour”                                        Music Experience, Elton John
“Lethal Lunch”                                                   National Geography Series
“Underground Railroad”                                     History Alive! / Ameritech
“Between Heaven & Earth”                                PBS
“The Gift of Pain”                                               Day of Discovery
“Jack London-Golden City”                               Skunkfilms/Snowflake
“Common Saints”                                             ChinaVision Series (NYC)
“Finally Freedom”                                              Magellan Films (LA)
“Legends of the Old Northwest                         History Channel (Series)
“Lured”                                                             Counterpoint Films (CAN)


Winner Virginian Film Festival– “Wrestling for Jesus”
Official Entry Wisconsin Film Festival – “Wrestling for Jesus”
Official Entry Peace On Earth Film Festival – “When Heaven Meets Earth”
Official Entry Redemptive Film Festival – “When Heaven Meets Earth”
Official Entry ReelHeART Film Festival – “When Heaven Meets Earth”
Winner Austin Film Festival – “Between Heaven and Earth”

Silver Telly Award – “When Heaven Meets Earth”
Silver Telly Award – “Tangier Island”
Silver Telly Award – “Full Armor”
Bronze Telly Award – The Nadine Henessey Story – Kosovo
Bronze Telly Award – “World View”
Bronze Telly Award – “A Global Village”
Bronze Telly Award – “World Vision”


 Director of Photography–Film, HD and SD formats 

Lawyer of the Year DP/Operator Clifford & Raihala Lawyers
Rubbermaid Sales Ad DP/Operator Rubbermaid
Karastan Carpet Sales Ad DP/Operator Karastan Carpets
ISI Sales Ad DP ISI Interior Design
Lasik Water Protection DP/Operator Lasik Eye
Sara Lee Food Safety DP/Operator Sara Lee Corporation
Foster & Smith Sales Ad DP/Operator Foster & Smith Pet Doctors
Coca-Cola Close to Home DP/Operator Coca-Cola Corporation